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Your Social Security Disability Case

If you are disabled you might be wondering, “Is Social Security Disability or SSI the right move for me? What are my chances for getting approved?” Should I apply for benefits on my own? What if I am denied, how will I appeal the denial? What if say the wrong thing? Why do I need a lawyer? Will the attorney still charge me if I don’t win?

You may feel overwhelmed about all this with dramatic changes going on in your life caused by disability to work. A social security advocate can help.

Don’t apply alone, hire highly experienced disability lawyers

Improve your chances of success by having highly experienced social security attorneys at your side every step of the way to apply, and appeal social security benefits, on a fee-only-if-you-win-basis.

“Now, I don’t feel alone anymore” - This is what a client told us when she hired us recently. Social Security Disability is for people who are younger than 65, but who have become disabled and can't work. If you have worked and earned certain work credits you can apply for SSD. If not, you may apply for SSI. If you win, you receive a monthly benefit check and health care coverage. If you do not win, you do not owe us a fee.

Our disability lawyers can apply for you in person or with you over the phone – EZ Apply

You can apply for Social Security benefits based on physical or mental disabilities and at any age when: • You have a disability that interferes with your ability to work; • Your disability can be shown with medical records or doctors opinion; • Your disability is likely to last more than one year or could be fatal; • You can't do your past work, and it’s hard for you to do other work full time - 40 hours per week, day after day

If you have certain listed physical or mental illnesses and disabilities, you might be presumed disabled under these Listings.

Fast-track Approvals

For other types of severe physical or mental illnesses it is possible to request an immediate compassionate allowance. When you contact us we can tell you if your illness falls in the compassionate allowance category for fast-track approval.

Instead of Worrying – Hire the right social security disability lawyer

You may worry, but the key is preparation. Victor Makris the attorney who speaks on the video is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial law. We are local Texas attorneys that have helped thousands, like you get SSD and SSI Social Security benefits, many who suffer from disabilities like diabetes, HIV, Hepatitis, Chronic Fatigue, back, neck, bipolar, depression, and anxiety, to name a few. Our main office is in Houston, Texas. We handle cases state wide in Texas and surrounding states.

Get our help so that you can focus on your health

At a time like this you need to focus on your health. Our attorneys and staff at Makris Law Firm, PC are experienced in lifting this burden off you so that you can focus on your health. Put our 30 years experience to work for you and have a social security advocate in your corner.

Call our social security disability lawyers or email us today

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