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Appeal a Denial of Social Security Disability or SSI Benefits

What are the four rules to winning your case?

Appeal! Appeal! Appeal! Appeal!

Don’t allow a denial for Social Security Disability SSDI or SSI benefits to keep you from receiving the benefits you have earned. But that’s what will happen if you don’t appeal a denial. Most people don’t realize that after they have been denied, they have several more chances to get approved, including at a hearing where having a Social Security Disability lawyer improves your chances of winning. But to get there you first have to appeal and appeal timely. Since we do this for you we call this EZ Appeal.

Highly Experienced Social Security Attorneys

But, you need a Social Security Disability Attorney with experience at your side. Social Security can and does call its own medical and vocational expert witnesses in your case, and the Judge may cross examine you. Don’t do this alone hire an experienced lawyer to apply and appeal your case if denied.

Make sure to hire an attorney who is licensed to go to federal district court!

Some of our cases have to be appealed to federal district court. We are one of the few Social Security Disability lawyers in Texas that both can and will appeal denied cases to federal district court where the situation requires.

Apply and Appeal but also - - Prepare!

We will prepare your case, order your records, research the law about your disabilities, and go to the hearing with you. Social Security’s own statistics show that you are more likely to win your appeal with an attorney than without. We have also found that people who represent themselves end up contacting us to appeal after they lose and after some of their best opportunities to win have passed. If your case has been denied, you have four opportunities to appeal: • First application denied? You can file a Request for Reconsideration; • If reconsideration is denied, you Request a Hearing; • If the hearing decision is unfavorable, appeal to the Appeals Council; • If the Appeals Council decision is unfavorable, appeal to District Court.; We are one of the few attorneys in Texas that will evaluate Social Security Disability SSDI and SSI Disability cases for appeal to federal district court.

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